One of my favorite days of the year…

For three glorious days in March the local university holds the biggest used book sale I have ever seen.  For us, it’s an annual family holiday — my Dad even takes off from work.  We arrive on the first day before the book bazaar opens at nine am.  The REALLY serious people get there at 6 and wait in line for three hours.

As soon as the doors open, there is a mad rush for everyone’s favorite table.  I always make a beeline for the “Hidden Treasures” table where I’ve found many of lovely antique books over the years.  One of my best finds?  Lord Tony’s Wife (a sequel to The Scarlet Pimpernel) that was published in 1917!  And this year, I found a beautiful little book of poetry that was printed in 1857.

This year’s treasure?  A complete hardback set of The Chronicles of Narnia, published by Macmillan — the first American publisher.  These books are no longer printed, and to find an entire set in such good condition was amazing.  I won’t tell you how much I paid for them… it will only make you jealous.  🙂

After unloading my stack of books, I have to reorganize my entire bookshelf in order to accommodate the new arrivals.  For several years, this meant moving up a shelf (i.e. making the next highest shelf a book shelf instead of a display shelf).  Last year, I moved all my informational books to the highest shelf that I can only reach by standing on my tiptoes.  So this year, while I was VERY excited about going to the book bazaar, I wasn’t relishing the idea of having a stack of books in my room until I can find another bookshelf.  But thankfully, after a teensy bit of rearranging, and the removal of two small boxes made enough room for this year’s additions.  *Yippee!*

But… now I’m chock full.  Oh well, I’ll cross that bridge next March.  🙂

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