Project of the Month – March 2012

Our home is currently undergoing several changes.  One of these is setting up my room to meet the needs of this next chapter of my life.  That means that it not only needs to be my place to sleep and hold my clothes, but where I can store my books and study.  This is going to involve some more bookshelves and a new desk as the current pieces are not quite cutting it.  🙂  So, I’d thought I’d share an easy method that our family uses when we need to rearrange furniture.

So first, gather your supplies.  You’ll need: some graph paper, a ruler, a tape measure, a colored pencil or two (or a highlighter), a pencil, and a pair of scissors.

First, measure your room.  I’m working with a room that is 11’6″ x 11’9″.  We’re going to put this on a piece graph paper.  I usually set each square as 6in.  So, the wall that is 11’6″ long will be 23 graph squares long and the 11’9″ wall will be 23 1/2 squares long.  (Use the ruler to get nice straight lines.)  Also make marks for any doors (and the space they take up when being opened) and windows.

Next, measure the various pieces of furniture.  Translate these measurements to a separate piece of graph paper and cut them out.  I’ve found it helpful to outline the pieces with a colored pencil or highlighter.  You could even make pieces for rugs.

Now, have fun rearranging your furniture!  It takes a lot less time and a lot less muscle than your usual furniture rearranging.  And if you’re considering buying some new pieces — take a look at the dimensions and make pieces for them.  That way you can actually see how much space it will take up in your room.  Here’s a sample:

We recently purchased new living room furniture.  To help decide which furniture would work best in the room, my sister and I made a graph paper model of our living room.  It really helped simplify the decision-making process at the furniture store.  And the in-house designer was quite impressed!

Now we have to choose paint colors.  Unfortunately I don’t have an easy button for that one.  🙂

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One thought on “Project of the Month – March 2012

  1. Our family uses that same method, too! 😀 It’s definitely come in handy during our moves. Great minds think alike… 😉 Miss you!

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