Easter Egg Dying 2012

Five and a half dozen eggs!

On Good Friday, my family dyed five and a half (minus one) eggs.  For our family, egg dying has become both an art and a science.  No single-colored eggs for us, no sir.  Maybe… four eggs in the above picture underwent only one colored bath.  Each of us had a dozen eggs to transform and an arsenal of supplies at our disposal.  This year’s experiments included brown dye, sandpaper, and electrical tape.  We also used rubber bands, paper towels, and our imaginations.  🙂

Our setup

a couple different treatments

Some of our eggs end up looking CRAZY, while others almost look like they were stone.  You can see that one of the eggs below had several layers of rubber bands applied.

Some of my dad's crazy eggs

These two began the morning as humble brown eggs, but ended up absolutely stunning.

"stone" eggs

When we need to crack the eggs to make the egg salad or stuffed eggs, there is a tradition as well.  My grandfather always had “egg wars” with us.  We’d each pick an egg and tap ends.  The undamaged egg then takes on a new challenger.  (*miss you Poppa*)

So now we have a lot of hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator.  Breakfast = boiled eggs, lunch = egg salad, supper = stuffed eggs.  Repeat.  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Easter Egg Dying 2012

  1. Bravo, Emily! This post was fabulous. I loved every bit of it! In the Stringer family, we have stuffed eggs in the fridge that used to have beautiful dyed shells. 🙂 It’s always fun to find ways to use up dyed eggs after Easter. Love you lots, my friend!

    • Thank you for our comments Victoria! They have been an encouragement. Glad this post was a winner — I’m still having to rack my brain to come up with post ideas. 🙂

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