Becoming a Graduate

The past month has been pretty crazy — hence the lack of blog posts.  😀  Saturday, May 12th, was my high school graduation.  A total of 31 homeschool seniors joined together to celebrate this beginning of a new season of life.

Our area’s homeschool support organization hosts a personal graduation ceremony for interested high school seniors.  This year, there were five music presentations and two speeches given by some of the graduates.  One of the dads, who is also a pastor, gave a charge to the graduates.  And when it came time to present the diplomas, the parents did the honors with tears, hugs, and joy.

My amazingly wonderful parents began homeschooling me in Kindergarten.  At first, we weren’t sure whether or not we would continue.  But the successes of each year spurned us on to the next.  By 3rd grade, we were committed to the homeschooling method.  Then somewhere around 6th grade, homeschooling through high school was a given.  And those four years have been simply amazing.

To name a few of the opportunities that the Lord has given me, I’ve been the webmaster for the local chapter of the ESA National Homeschool Honor Society, I helped found an online literary club,  I’ve taken British Literature, Shakespeare, and three years of Latin from a wonderful Scottish lady, I’ve joined an English Country Dance group, and I’ve started college.  And along the way, the Lord has blessed us with many friends.

But most important of all, I’ve grown close to my family.  We’ve had some amazing adventures and made wonderful memories.  And as my mom and I have been reminding each other — this is only the beginning of the adventure.

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