Liebster Blog Award

My dear friend Maribeth tagged me with the Liebster Blog Award!  Thank you m’dear!

According to the tag, I am supposed to list 11 random facts about myself, and answer the 11 questions that my awarder asked.  I’m also supposed to tag 11 other bloggers, but I don’t really know any bloggers that haven’t already been tagged.   So the tag ends here.  😉

So here we go, 11 random facts about myself:

  1. I am a sophomore in college!
  2. I love polishing silver.  Don’t know why, but I do.
  3. I think in academic years, not calendar years.  So for me, the year is just about halfway over.
  4. I tend to stand with my feet in really awkward positions.  Only, they aren’t awkward to me.  I wouldn’t even notice it if my family didn’t bring it to my attention.
  5. I write almost exclusively with Sharpie pens.
  6. I play Ultimate Frisbee almost every week with a great group of people.
  7. I have never, ever, straightened my hair
  8. I am part of a volunteer choir that will be backing up Keith & Kristen Getty at one of their Christmas concerts this December!
  9. I’ve been to 16 states.
  10. I’ve had my picture taken with a presidential candidate twice.
  11. I’ve been on TV twice, and in a newspaper 4 times.

1. What is your earliest memory?

Argh… that’s difficult because I can’t tell if I’m actually remembering or getting mixed up with photos or videos.  I vividly remember a lot of things when I was four.  I have a vague memory of my grandparents home when I was about two.  That’s probably the earliest memory that I can think of.

2) What is your favorite holiday tradition? {Any holiday will do.}

Every year my family has a wonderful time dying eggs. We get really creative, make a big mess, and have a grand ole time. 😀

3) What is your favorite musical? {This can be Broadway, a Disney film, Rodgers & Hammerstein, etc.}

That’s a hard one. There are three that I grew up with, have memorized, and love more every time I watch them. For this tag, I’ll go with White Christmas. It’s a must-watch every year.

4) Would you consider yourself an early bird or a night owl?

A night owl. I’m much more likely to stay up later than get up earlier.

5) How has the Lord worked in your life since this time last year?

Oh wow.  Where do I start?  The Lord has blessed me immensely over this past year.  He has brought some amazingly wonderful friends into my life and they have been such a blessing to me.  To make it even more amazing, I met several of these on an online forum!

6) If you could have dinner with three theologians and/or heroes of the faith, who would they be?

C.S. Lewis for sure.  Let’s add Paul and Timothy to the mix as well.  They have intrigued me ever since reading The New Testament Diaries by Gene Edwards.

7) How would you describe your favorite kind of fictional hero {not heroine}? Are you generally attracted to or intrigued by the aggressive, scholarly, reckless, quiet, jovial, brooding, tender, or straightforward?

Um… I can’t say that I’ve ever had a favorite type of hero.  I guess it depends on the book (or movie).  Different personality traits are going to be best in different situations.

8) What are you currently reading for pleasure? Schoolbooks don’t count.

I just started Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens.  The first sentence did little to impress: “Thirty years ago, Marseilles lay burning in the sun, one day.”  If I had written that in a paper, it definitely would have received a mark from the red pen.

9) If you could live in any other state, which one would it be and why?

Either Texas (because it’s Texas and I’m a Texan) or Tennessee (because of the weather and awesome views).

10) What is your opinion of coffee? Do you drink it? If so, how do you drink it?

Coffee smells awesome. *nod* But I’m not a “coffee drinker”. I drink it every now and then, and then it’s usually more like having a little coffee with my cream than the other way around. 😉

11) You’re about to go on an extraordinarily long trans-Pacific flight and you’re only allowed to take one DVD with you to watch on your laptop.  You are allowed to bring either your favorite of the Narnia movie trilogy…or your favorite Star Trek episode. With Patrick Stewart. Choose you this day.

😀 You know me well!  Let’s see…. ah ha!  The Narnia movies are about two hours long.  One Star Trek DVD has about four episodes each 40 minutes long.  So… I’ll have to go with Star Trek.  It will last me longer on the flight. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Loved it! Those were some really fun answers to that tag, Emily. 🙂 The coffee picture made me laugh, and I loved what you said about the opening line to Little Dorrit! 😀

  2. Marli Renee

    I love #11. Picard forever.

  3. Carissa

    What a fun post, Emily! I just finished reading “Little Dorrit” myself and am looking forward to watching the BBC version of it soon.

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