Life Update and Some Randomness 2.0

You know what?  Life is just grand.  That’s the perfect description of my life as of late.  It’s busy, often crazy, and flat-out exhausting.  But it’s also oh so beautiful.

And it’s full of things worth celebrating.  Like passing Business Law.  And having 45 college credits to your name.  And the plan to have 60 sometime in August.  And close fellowship.  And the graduation of three close friends.  And bubbles.  And doors that unexpectedly swing open.  And board games.  And picture-taking.  And laughter.  And hilarious G+ hangouts with people from 5 different states.  And dancing.  And this song☟ (which I’ve had on repeat for days).

So with that, I leave you with hopes and plans to be back very soon.  Thanks to all my lovely readers for sticking around and taking to time to read my ramblings.

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2 thoughts on “Life Update and Some Randomness 2.0

  1. Awesome to see you post again, and great to hear life is treating you well. Keep at those college Credits! The middle portion is the most difficult… Save for the last test of your degree. 😉

    • 😀 Thanks, Austin. I’m hoping that reaching the 60 credit mark (only 3 tests away! :mrgreen:) will give me a spurt of momentum. But I’m not at all looking forward to the Priniples of Finance DSST.

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