☀ ☼ Things That Make Me Happy ☼ ☀


This post is inspired by my friend Beth. She started a Things that Make Me Happy thread on the online forum where we met. For me, it has become a place to list those little gifts that make me thankful to be alive, the things that make me smile,  and the blessings that the Lord bestows.

index cards
bright colored sharpies
summer lists
friends as close as family
settlers of catan
peasants’ revolt
my Ultimate Frisbee group
who wants to be a winner?
planning jokes
hot tea
tiny dragons with sapphire throats
reachable goals
trips to the library
text messages
ramdom little things that trigger sweet memories
dirt cake
seeing dear friends 4 times in one week
cheesy grins and waves
clouds and breezes on oh so hot summer days
postcards from distant places
milk bubbles
striped paper straws
51 credits
my piano guys t-shirt
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3 thoughts on “☀ ☼ Things That Make Me Happy ☼ ☀

  1. and coffee.

    Don’t forget coffee. *nod*

  2. When other people’s happy lists make you happy, too. *grin*
    Our tiny dragons are beating their wings around here as well! We have ruby-throated ones that match the sapphire-studded dragons, and then we start to imagine fairy-tales written in beautiful fonts. Oh, see? Your happy list is making me make one of my own! Yay for God using His children to bless others. 🙂

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