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hello october


It’s been… a long time since I’ve posted.  These past few summer months have been oh so full and I’ve been very busy living life.

But I’m back!

Now that it’s October and summer has officially come to an end, I’m here to bring you up to date a little bit.  So brace yourselves for a long rambly post. 😉




For me, it was a summer of tan lines and snow cones.  Of dancing and laughter.  Where friends became family, and inside jokes were made.

There were card games, water balloon and paint fights, tumbles across giant soapy slip-n-slides, go kart races, crazy ping pong games, and late nights at the frozen yogurt shop.  And in the midst of it all — learning, growing, and stretching.

Grab a shovel
Grab a pail
We might be gone all day
Acting out these fairy tales
Running jumping in the waves

I rediscovered my love for kayaking and canoeing.  There’s something about being on the water and in control of a boat that makes me very happy.


kayaking down the river


In May, my friend Charity and I co-hosted a CollegePlus gathering. 14 students from around the country came down here for a week of great fellowship and adventures together.  This was my third gathering to be a part of and it was just as amazing.   It was such a blessing to catch up with old friends and to make new ones as well.  Hosting added a different twist to it, but it was a lot of fun to design t-shirts, plan menus and events, introduce people to beignets, and teach them how to peel crawfish.

the deep south gathering

live oak

climbing a live oak


I fell in love with this song. <– The Lord’s Prayer, in Swahili, sung by Peter Hollens.  What’s not to like?  Plug in some nice headphones or hook up to a good speaker and turn the bass up.

We’ve played Ultimate every week — despite the heat.  I think I only questioned our sanity twice. 😉

Between my own projects and one of Sean McCabe’s courses, I’ve been doing a lot of hand-lettering.



Our dance group grew and changed and we launched our own dance website.

In addition to our monthy dances, we took a 6 week dance class which ended up teaching us the basics of Salsa and East Coast Swing.  Learning Salsa was interesting, but I was really excited to finally *get* East Coast Swing. 8)

dancing in the capitol

photo courtesy Jessica M



I studied all through the summer.  Made it to 90 credits and seniordom. 🙂  After that, I hit a couple bumps in the road.  Getting over those — and planning out the last phase of my degree — has kept me very busy and, unfortunately, a bit stressed.  So I’ve been learning a lot about God’s timing vs. my plans and expectations.
Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 5.38.33 PM

Take a breath, take a step
What comes next
God only knows
But here goes.


I’ve also learned that being part of a close fellowship of believers is one of the hardest, but best things ever. When you see each other multiple times a week, in a variety of different places, around a bunch of different activities, staying at each other’s homes until late at night, praying together — you get to know each other really well.  That means you see each other’s faults, flaws, and sins.  But it also means that you get to grow in Christ together with friends that have become your family.  It can be tough, but it’s oh so worth it.




And I wish all the people I love the most
Could gather in one place,
And know each other and love each other well.
And I wish we could all go camping,
And lay beneath the stars,
And have nothing to do and stories to tell.

We’d sit around the campfire
And we’d make each other laugh,
Remembering when…

Now here it is October.  This fall is filling up quickly, but I’m definitely going to be posting here more often.  I have a feeling there will be much to share in the coming months. “See” you all soon!

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☀ ☼ Things That Make Me Happy ☼ ☀


This post is inspired by my friend Beth. She started a Things that Make Me Happy thread on the online forum where we met. For me, it has become a place to list those little gifts that make me thankful to be alive, the things that make me smile,  and the blessings that the Lord bestows.

index cards
bright colored sharpies
summer lists
friends as close as family
settlers of catan
peasants’ revolt
my Ultimate Frisbee group
who wants to be a winner?
planning jokes
hot tea
tiny dragons with sapphire throats
reachable goals
trips to the library
text messages
ramdom little things that trigger sweet memories
dirt cake
seeing dear friends 4 times in one week
cheesy grins and waves
clouds and breezes on oh so hot summer days
postcards from distant places
milk bubbles
striped paper straws
51 credits
my piano guys t-shirt
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Life Update and Some Randomness 2.0

You know what?  Life is just grand.  That’s the perfect description of my life as of late.  It’s busy, often crazy, and flat-out exhausting.  But it’s also oh so beautiful.

And it’s full of things worth celebrating.  Like passing Business Law.  And having 45 college credits to your name.  And the plan to have 60 sometime in August.  And close fellowship.  And the graduation of three close friends.  And bubbles.  And doors that unexpectedly swing open.  And board games.  And picture-taking.  And laughter.  And hilarious G+ hangouts with people from 5 different states.  And dancing.  And this song☟ (which I’ve had on repeat for days).

So with that, I leave you with hopes and plans to be back very soon.  Thanks to all my lovely readers for sticking around and taking to time to read my ramblings.

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Liebster Blog Award

My dear friend Maribeth tagged me with the Liebster Blog Award!  Thank you m’dear!

According to the tag, I am supposed to list 11 random facts about myself, and answer the 11 questions that my awarder asked.  I’m also supposed to tag 11 other bloggers, but I don’t really know any bloggers that haven’t already been tagged.   So the tag ends here.  😉

So here we go, 11 random facts about myself:

  1. I am a sophomore in college!
  2. I love polishing silver.  Don’t know why, but I do.
  3. I think in academic years, not calendar years.  So for me, the year is just about halfway over.
  4. I tend to stand with my feet in really awkward positions.  Only, they aren’t awkward to me.  I wouldn’t even notice it if my family didn’t bring it to my attention.
  5. I write almost exclusively with Sharpie pens.
  6. I play Ultimate Frisbee almost every week with a great group of people.
  7. I have never, ever, straightened my hair
  8. I am part of a volunteer choir that will be backing up Keith & Kristen Getty at one of their Christmas concerts this December!
  9. I’ve been to 16 states.
  10. I’ve had my picture taken with a presidential candidate twice.
  11. I’ve been on TV twice, and in a newspaper 4 times.

1. What is your earliest memory?

Argh… that’s difficult because I can’t tell if I’m actually remembering or getting mixed up with photos or videos.  I vividly remember a lot of things when I was four.  I have a vague memory of my grandparents home when I was about two.  That’s probably the earliest memory that I can think of.

2) What is your favorite holiday tradition? {Any holiday will do.}

Every year my family has a wonderful time dying eggs. We get really creative, make a big mess, and have a grand ole time. 😀

3) What is your favorite musical? {This can be Broadway, a Disney film, Rodgers & Hammerstein, etc.}

That’s a hard one. There are three that I grew up with, have memorized, and love more every time I watch them. For this tag, I’ll go with White Christmas. It’s a must-watch every year.

4) Would you consider yourself an early bird or a night owl?

A night owl. I’m much more likely to stay up later than get up earlier.

5) How has the Lord worked in your life since this time last year?

Oh wow.  Where do I start?  The Lord has blessed me immensely over this past year.  He has brought some amazingly wonderful friends into my life and they have been such a blessing to me.  To make it even more amazing, I met several of these on an online forum!

6) If you could have dinner with three theologians and/or heroes of the faith, who would they be?

C.S. Lewis for sure.  Let’s add Paul and Timothy to the mix as well.  They have intrigued me ever since reading The New Testament Diaries by Gene Edwards.

7) How would you describe your favorite kind of fictional hero {not heroine}? Are you generally attracted to or intrigued by the aggressive, scholarly, reckless, quiet, jovial, brooding, tender, or straightforward?

Um… I can’t say that I’ve ever had a favorite type of hero.  I guess it depends on the book (or movie).  Different personality traits are going to be best in different situations.

8) What are you currently reading for pleasure? Schoolbooks don’t count.

I just started Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens.  The first sentence did little to impress: “Thirty years ago, Marseilles lay burning in the sun, one day.”  If I had written that in a paper, it definitely would have received a mark from the red pen.

9) If you could live in any other state, which one would it be and why?

Either Texas (because it’s Texas and I’m a Texan) or Tennessee (because of the weather and awesome views).

10) What is your opinion of coffee? Do you drink it? If so, how do you drink it?

Coffee smells awesome. *nod* But I’m not a “coffee drinker”. I drink it every now and then, and then it’s usually more like having a little coffee with my cream than the other way around. 😉

11) You’re about to go on an extraordinarily long trans-Pacific flight and you’re only allowed to take one DVD with you to watch on your laptop.  You are allowed to bring either your favorite of the Narnia movie trilogy…or your favorite Star Trek episode. With Patrick Stewart. Choose you this day.

😀 You know me well!  Let’s see…. ah ha!  The Narnia movies are about two hours long.  One Star Trek DVD has about four episodes each 40 minutes long.  So… I’ll have to go with Star Trek.  It will last me longer on the flight. 😉

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Life Update and Some Randomness

The school year has officially started for our family.  The summer sped by (as usual), but it seemed to go by even quicker this year.  Lots of activities kept us busy.  Graduation, a party, a formal, out of town guests, building a barn, joining Pintrest (click here), laser tag, a book study, a tea, a couple of English Country dances, and several get-togethers.  I’ll be blogging about some of these summer activities in the near future, so I won’t spoil the upcoming posts by telling you about them now. 😉  But I will give you a glimpse of my summer through a few pictures.

Me and one of our chickens, Calamity Jane.

Playing a card game with friends.

Ready to annihilate the green team! 😉

Playing Ninja with my cousins.

But amidst all the fun, there has also been a lot of work.  Much of my time has been spent studying for, and CLEPing out of college classes.  Last Monday, I was the owner of 18 college credits.  Now, I am the owner of 21 college credits, 12 of which I have earned since the end of June.  Now that’s how to do it! *nods* Next, I get to tackle Biology. *wrinkles nose* 😉

This is my new desk lamp.  I was looking for a lamp similar to this one, and the only ones I could find were too large and too expensive.  Then I saw this one sitting all by its lonesome on a shelf in Target.  It didn’t have a price on it, so I brought it up to customer service.  After punching a few buttons, the lady slapped a sticker on the tag.  “As is, $3.75.”  Yes, you read that right.  The Lord gave me the perfect lamp for less than 4 bucks!

The above quote perfectly captures my thoughts lately.  There is always a list of things to be decided or taken care of, and no sooner do I knock a couple of them off, more get put on.  Rinse  and repeat.  I whole heartily agree with Anne; it is quite a serious thing to grow up.

I’ve done a bit of work on the blog over the past few days.  I updated the About Me page, (overhauled might be a better word) so go check it out!  Also, you can now subscribe to blog updates by email.

I recently discovered that I have a passion for pen and ink drawing.  It’s small, detailed, portable, and can be very precise — what’s not to like?  I ended up taking a pen & ink class this summer to learn some techniques.  It was me, and about seven retirees drawing for almost nine hours. 🙂

So yesterday, when I needed to make a blog button, I brought out the sketchbook and pens.  The end result is the little pen & ink image over here on the right —>  (Fellow bloggers, you are welcome to grab it!   I haven’t figured out how to get the little box with the HTML up there, but you can just stick the picture in your sidebar and link it back to here.)

So… I think that’s all I have to say at the moment.  I already have another “real” post in the works so it should be up here sooner or later. 😉  Thanks for reading my ramblings!

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